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First a bit of history, when British academic Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web which runs on the internet  just over 25 years ago it quickly moved from academia to business and first took off rapidly in the United States. They gave their websites the suffix .com to symbolise commerce. The British soon followed and used the suffix for companies in the UK. As the web expanded over the years both in diversity and reach into different countries and languages, encompassing websites covering all manner of things such as clubs, hobbies, sports and shopping then the number and types of domains and suffixes expanded rapidly as well.

Until recently the UK has been unique in having as its main domain when most other countries have just a 2 letter code to indicate their main domain ie:- .es for Spain and .fr for France for example. Recently Nominet the organisation which runs the UK domain registration service has added a .uk domain. They have therefore been encouraging owners of a domain to move over to a .uk domain  in order to bring us in line with most other major countries.

We have therefore decided to bite the bullet and move the site to which is now up and running. Please change any bookmarks you have to the new site's address and use the new site from now on.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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Alan Westhead